Corinne Marie Perry

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After two and half days at Rancho Springs Hospital, we are home! We spent last night getting things in order for baby, who at last has a name, Corinne Marie Perry. Marie and Mary being family names on both sides … Continued

A baby is born

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Last night, October 1 at 5:30am, our second daughter was born! She was 6 lbs., 5 oz. and was 18 inches long. She was approximately 18 days early for her 10/19/06 due date, but arrived, via cesarean, in good shape. … Continued

75 years of Art!

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My father-in-law turned 75. I don’t think he got the memo, he never stops! He runs Mullen motors with Mariane and Scott, actively involved in all aspects of Mullen’s manufacturing and marketing as well as partcipating in Scott’s races as … Continued

Books on CD reviews for Summer of 2006

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Deanne picked up David McCullough’s 1776 from the Temecula Library – my first real book on CD experience, it was a 10- cd set! Given the long commute to Mira Mesa from Temecula, it was a nice find. Excellent resource … Continued

Time for book reviews

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In looking back over the year, I have had a chance to do some reading. I finally read 20,000 leagues under the sea, and while eloquently written for 19th century science fiction, did not hold my attention the way I … Continued

Know thy neighbor

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We have been blessed with the best neighbors you could ever hope for. A delightful mix of nationalities, religions and family types line the streets of Corte Montilla here in Temecula – Mexico, India, even some parts of the Carribean … Continued

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