workstation 2013

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What a great post I saw on the Stickist today. It outlines everyone’s recording setup. Some very impressive setups, especially from Brett Bottomley – who knew! Here is a pic of my current work / play workstation. It’s a standing … Continued

Free Hands Academy State of the Stick 2013

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At last! The State of the Stick panel discussion from the Summer session in Bel-Air is available. Grateful to Mark, Dan and Greg for helping in getting it filmed, converted to digital and re-mastered so as to have in a … Continued

Free Hands Academy 2014

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Just rolled out the site updates for Free Hands Academy 2014. Geez, I still haven’t finished my post for day 3 of the event. That was ALSO an epic day, very long and very fun. Free Hands Academy 2014 is … Continued

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