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What a great post I saw on the Stickist today. It outlines everyone’s recording setup. Some very impressive setups, especially from Brett Bottomley – who knew!

Here is a pic of my current work / play workstation. It’s a standing workstation that has four shelves and is supplemented by a Ergotron Dual monitor stand at it’s very core. The shelf was purchased at Costco for $80, not bad. It’s nice not having a solid desktop as cables and cords can snake right up through the ribbed shelves. I have plastic liner the runs the length of the top shelf and half shelf liners along the right side. The Ergotron was a little bit more, probably in the $150 range, but well worth it. My goal is better done than perfect.


The bottom shelf is raised about 6 inches to allow cables and cords to move freely as well as to store smaller bags and accessories. The pedalboard slides right out from underneath it. I keep a waste basket, power strips and supplies in a plastic tub here. I review what’s in the storage tub every 3 months and swap out what I need and what is no longer being used.

Shelf 3 is for work. SharePoint! Books, print-outs and other work related materials that I need to reference quickly throughout the day. Not really an HP fan of anything, but heck if they don’t make a fineprinter/scanner/fax machine. I also have a sleeping ceramic kitty that has found it’s way to this shelf, which I don’t have the heart to move.

Shelf 2 is for receipts, CDs and musical cables and cords, including an axiom-25 midi controller, an M-Audio Fast Track C400 A/D converter and a book on Costa Rica, because one of these days, I am going to take my wife there. I use a combination of Sony headphones as well as a Logitech h600 wireless headset.

Top shelf is my productivity shelf. It is home to a Dell Quadcore Latitude with 8GB to which I have an LG 21″ monitor attached – all SharePoint all the time. Phones, pens, coffee and snacks are all welcome on this level. I also use a MacBook Pro with 8GB for media production, be it music, images or video. I have been using the entry level native set of Mac tools, iMovie and Garageband out of the box – hoping to move to Logic and Superior Drummer one of these days. I prefer Adobe Fireworks for web Design as life is too short for Photoshop, I also Gimp for editing, a nice resource to have and what’s not to love about free. I use a Sennheiser e945 on the off chance I need to record something. Like Per, I avoid mixers and dream of being able to fit my rig into a single, lightweight case (or my pocket better yet).

Off to the right is the 10-string Paduak Stick, the Behringer k900fx and a music stand, I am currently doing my time with Bach’s Bourree – Matias Sorof nailed a beautiful rendition using a crossed over method. At some point, every string player should at least take a look at this piece a great study. There are some original works from Native American artists adorning the walls. I didn’t really plan that, but it makes for a peaceful creative workspace.

Having the office on wheels is proven very convenient. When I need to move the office into another room, I only have one power cable to unplug and I am rolling.

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