Free Hands Academy 2014

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Just rolled out the site updates for Free Hands Academy 2014. Geez, I still haven’t finished my post for day 3 of the event. That was ALSO an epic day, very long and very fun.

Free Hands Academy 2014 is going to be big. We’re adding Bob Culbertson, Steve Adelson and Gary Jibilian to the mix. The big question is, how to organize the classes logically. It will all boil down to what students want to learn and at what skill level are they. I expect we can extract this using surveys – I am pretty comfortable with ninja forms for WordPress, but I might like to try something new that’s free that allows for some more customization with dropdowns and what not.

Corinne turned 7, which was fantastic. We bought her a beautiful dress and then hit Islands. One can really get stuffed over at Islands, still, no regrets! We are going to take Corinne to Chuck E. Cheese’s on Friday, which will be epic. I have to remind myself to have something to eat before we go as their pizza leaves much to be desired.

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