Joelle turns 2…!

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Yesterday, after two wonderful years, our daughter had her second birthday – hurray! It was a low key event as they REAL party is slated for next weekend out at Rustic Park. She has become fascinated with dresses, pink being her favorite.

She received a very nice dress from Nonna, pictured here. She wants to put this on from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed. Thankfully, Nonna had a plan. She gave Joelle a pink tutu (pics to follow) for her birthday – one she can play in. This way mommy and daddy won’t have to hover over her every time she wears this.

We were delighted to have our friend Becky Herdt in town to celebrate with us. This was done in full style with Grandpa Allen cooking up ribs, Kielbasa, corn and cornbread. The evening completed with a cookies and cream ice cream cake from 31 flavors, topped with Dora the Explorer (and Boots and Swiper).

Next was the birthday bath, followed immediately by the inevitable sugar crash and early bedtime as she missed her afternoon nap. All in all, a really fun time. We’re looking forward to doing it again next weekend out at the Park.

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