Song of the week #37

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So here is a fun tune, Norah Jones’ Don’t know why. I have been a fan of hers since I heard her first album. She’s lovely and while I am sentimental about the first album, I still enjoy Feels like Home and Not too Late. That was as far along as I am in her repertoire and I am looking forward to, at some point, getting caught up with her newer material as I know there have been many changes in her life since Come away with me came out many moons ago.

This tune is in Bb and has a simple pre-chorus that moves along a vi-V7-IV7 progression. The chorus is sung over the verse, so it’s a quick read once you get it going. I have simplified the intro and the solo.

This was recorded at Amazing Music in the Palisades, the music shop where I first learned to play guitar. My dear friend Pat Hildebrand helped me to get a decent tone using his Mac setup and condenser mic, but I do revert to photobooth for this recording. We also recorded a version of Radiohead’s Subterranean Homesick Alien, which I may post at some point, but I think Pat wants to tighten it up before we roll it out for a song of the week.

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