7.3 miles, poolside at the folks house

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I met up with some of the group that I have been enjoying runs with as of late and had a great run out by Pauba Park here in Temecula. We had a 7.3 mile run with varied slopes – it felt great. I hit just over 1:18 which was fine by me as I am taking it easy on my right foot since the Coronado run. I was concerned that I might have done some damage to my right foot, but I expect it was the affect of not having done proper (any!) cool down stretches after the Coronado 15K run. Only 4 more weeks till the America’s Finest City Half Marathon! I am also hitting the Marina Madness Half marathon in early October – I wonder if I will setting up for a half marathon in September? Anyone up for it?

After the run, I came over to Deanne’s folks house and got caught up with Doug and family as they were checking out at 10am. We had some good times while he was down here for sure! Looking forward to his next visit. I had some breakfast and ended up taking a nap. Ah, a two-hour nap. Nothing finer.

I woke up and joined Deanne, the girls and Leighanne out by the pool. It was perfect weather for the pool – such a glorious day, we are blessed to have good health and such fine family to share it with!

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