Gave notice, Free Thursday night concerts in the park

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I went into work today for the first time this week since I gave notice on Monday. Yeah, it was a little awkward, but only because we have a pretty tightly knit bunch and no one really expected that I would leave. It was a little surprising even to me in that my office is close (the coolest in Temecula I might add), my job is fun and I for the most part, I enjoy what I do.

Admittedly, doing staff augmentation for a Process and Compliance team is no small feat. Our group is widely varied in the services that we offer and everyone is quite good at what they do, so I have learned some valuable skills along the way that I would not have otherwise had to in any other IT type job. SOx testing, SDLC, Change / Incident Management and Project Management. That and good ol’ customer support makes for a nice day at the office if you ask me.

On a lighter note, we went out to the Thursday night concert at the Sports Park down the street with Doug, his family, the nieces and Mama. We saw a band called the Trip who played classic rock. They played some Pink Floyd, The Who (both of which had pre-recorded introductions that were sampled off the original recording – impressive), Bad Company, Zeppelin, Stones, Beatles and my least fav, Bon Jovi (living on a prayer). With the exception of the aforementioned, it was spot on rock and roll AND both guitarists and the bassist shared in the lead vocals. That made it really interesting and fun to watch.

I was REALLY bummed we did not get to make it over to Eric’s house to play some music as Doug and I were looking forward to doing so, as there was a motion to get ice cream (frozen yogurt anyway). We headed down to the White Lime for some fun and managed to get some fun pics along the way – I will post to FB soon enough.

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