I am running a half marathon in 105 days

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Today I signed up for a half marathon on August 16 – the America’s finest city marathon is a 13.1 mile half marathon that starts in at the Cabrillo Monument and ends in Balboa Park. It snakes through beautiful through the bay, the embarcadero, downtown and culminates in what may be the coolest park in southern California.

I am currently running once a week – which will have to increase to 3 times a week. I will run twice during the week on an average of 3 miles to start and a single 5 mile run on the weekend. After four weeks of this I will increase the weekly run distance to 5 miles and the weekend run 7 miles. After four weeks of that I will maintain the weekly runs at  5 miles and attempt increasing the distance of each weekend run by one mile, which means the last two weekend runs will total 14 miles each.

Will it work? I don’t know. I know that I need to keep myself healthy and first and foremost buy new shoes. Asics. Of course.

On my best day over the past year, I have run the loop on Amarita here in Temecula which is at best, 2.2 miles. I am going to shoot for two full loops on Amarita to start for my weekly runs – I will post more on my results later this week.

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