Ensynch luncheon, 2010 social schmocial

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I got out to a luncheon put on by ensynch and Quest software last Wednesday, some really good stuff on breaking users in on SharePoint 2010. However, it’s a hard sell for big companies that are embedded in 2007, which I am. It was interesting to see that guy next to me was in the same boat. I recall that he was also in the medical industry and mentioned that all “moves” in IT were very intentional – much like the environment I am in – a highly regulated, highly audited IT environment.

Still, there were some great speakers (Joel Oleson no less!), a free lunch and the opportunity to meet with some really genuine SharePoint enthusiasts. It was enough to get me to make the drive out from Temecula to Irvine on the toll roads – I didn’t miss any this time, and it was nice introduction to SharePoint 2010.

I am of the opinion that SharePoint 2010 is taking a big gamble with mysites, in that many of the more sophisticated features tie back to the use of mysites, which my company has no interest in whatsoever! Larger companies, especially ones that are audited with some frequency, have an innate fear of social media and everything surrounding it. For that reason, it seems SP 2010 may be out of it’s league in trying to push that social media component in an enterprise environment when the companies themselves are trying so hard to keep it out.

We want more sophisticated development tools (Designer 2007 has left me wanting), smarter xls integration, reporting and customization – not ajax menus that pull images of the people I work with ( I see enough of them….) There is plenty to love about SP 2010, and I am grateful to see the platform evolving. Here is to the hope that SharePoint adoption will increase at a greater the rate than competing products can develop (and for free?!)

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