Feeling better

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I have been very sick the past three days and am finally starting to gain my strength. I am back on my feet and it seems that it’s just in time as Corinne, Joelle and Deanne are all in varying stages of the illness. We were not able to spend x-mas with the folks up in Sunland this year, which was a big disappointment as Uncle Charles was getting all Julia Childs on it’s ass (I quote the man) making yorkshire pudding and roast beef. Alas, we will have to get caught up on Saturday, January 2 at Mama’s get together.

Much of the day was spent caring for the kids and seeing to Deanne as she is in the first stage of the flu – such a drag. Still, the kids managed to open some presents and have some fun despite their sniffling and sneezing.

I got to watch some of the Chargers game, which was fantastic! They are playing with such spirit, I only hope that they can stay healthy for the post season.

Hope that you are all having a nice holiday season and staying in good health!

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