Custom booked for Topanga Earth Days – Sunday, April 18

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Confirmed with promoter that Custom is a lock for the Topanga Earth days event later this Spring on Earth Day, April 18. This is exciting coming off of the very successful show we had up at the Community House last September, so hopefully some steam is building.

We are looking to expand our setlist, featuring more songs with vocals. At any given gig, generally we are the only people who know or have previously heard the song we are playing. To start, we’re going to open up the mic to Jeremy who is a solid blues singer and player. He has a deep set of songs that he can lead us through, most of which will require a minimal amount of rehearsal.

Next, we’re going to play some more recognizable tracks, starting with Oye Como Va, which fits in nicely with our Latin base and Pick up the Pieces, which immediately recognizable for any fan of FM radio. I am looking to bring Watermelon Man back into the set as that is also a tune people are familiar with.

Lastly, I am going to dust off Pockyway and sing that one myself. Jeremy has agreed to help out on bass with this one. This will be a nice addition to the Latin Funk that we are so comfortable with and hopefully I can do it justice.

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