Linux: Ready for the desktop and the Gaming industry

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Sheesh, this topic has been debated to death on slashdot, so why not here? The only people that care are Linux users, that is, the 5% of people that use computers on a daily basis that are comfortable working at the command line . This number is up from past years, thanks to the availability of easy to use distros like Fedora and Ubuntu, the later being my favorite far and away.

With all the online fantasy gaming that is going on, it won’t be long before someone gets it right and crosses this over to an open source medium. Players will spend money they would have spent on an operating system on their monthly gaming fees instead. Just today – Dungeons & Dragons finally came out with an online version – $15 a month to play online!

It seems an obvious move – think of all the online support that the Linux community would be able to offer! It is true that few major developers are going to sink their resources into free games, there are no free lunches. But with the advent of competition to the Microsoft equasion, gaming companies will be able to make their money in monthly fees as opposed to the traditional up front cost – this have been proven time and time again with the success of Everuest, Final Fantasy and World of WarCraft.

The revolution will be in the software. The hardware manufacturers will follow suit when the time is right.

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