Nobody’s fault but mine, FREEDOM OF CHOICE…!

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I have been tinkering again, making clean spots and now being held to clean the whole lot with SharePoint. The whole idea behind the application is to enable users to manage content themselves, right? But instead, I am seeing that there is some avoidance to understand the way this “platform” is supposed to work. It’s just like any sort of Collaboration / social media tool – it involves some input, but still I get many requests to update sites, to update spreadsheets and to update data associated with a SharePoint function.

I blame myself!

Training and culture are a huge part of a community and we have little to no training with the application, which is blasphemous to say in the SP world, but we still utilize it as such. I need to get my head out of my bottom and help users to understand how to use this, I have no one else to blame. I should welcome the opportunity given the circumstance, I work with people who are intelligent and how about that – I like them, I think they like me and I am especially fond of my job.

Go figure…

Also, hunting for gigs for Custom in the new year. Have a couple of nibbles for Topanga earth day, had a nice conversation with one of their coordinators today, who knows? Maybe Custom will have something going come April.

Also – going to see DEVO on Wednesday – DOOD, my childhood friend and I are going to see them perform Freedom of Choice from beginning to end. I can’t wait. We’re going to kick it off with a meal at Canters, really looking forward to fun with Zack next week.

Happy Shabbos.

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