Mountain claims tooth, training, HP Mini

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When you aren’t sick! Not only was I feeling poopy up there, but I missed a lunch date with David Cohen. We went up anyway, I kept thinking I was going to feel better, and for a brief moment I did. We had a fantastic experience up at the Frontier Lodge, our usual haunt. For our continued patronage, and perhaps some very good timing, they upgraded us to a cabin! It was very nice – I highly recommend the Forntier Lodge for your next Big Bear trip.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip was when we were sledding – Joelle was using her teeth to pull off her gloves when all of a sudden, she pulled her right front tooth right out. BAM, second tooth this month.  We looked for the tooth for a short while in the snow, which was ridiculous, but found no tooth. Alas, the mountain had claimed it! We vowed to return later this summer to again take the search, even if just for a few minutes.

I am gearing up for training tomorrow at Abbott Vascular. I had a nice meeting with my new boss and a colleague with whom I had interacted in the past as a Tier II Analyst, Andre Hansen. He is to the point, which I really appreciate. I am looking forward to delving deeper into SharePoint administration and hopefully getting some DEV work in .Net on Oracle databases.

Oh, the missus let me get an HP Mini 1000 from Costco, from which I am writing this. Suprisingly easy to get used, although I do miss the good ol’ DVD drive.

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