More for less-*nix, please

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Fun article on trends in hardware spending. Details the whippy snappy effects of Moore’s law and how because of it, netbooks are on the rise. Fun to note that more often than not, these are running some flavor of Linux (Ubuntu, thank you) or XP.

It also predicts, which comes as no big surprise, that software as a service is taking place of the greedy machine install. Gone are the costs of a CD, the case, the packaging it comes in.  You see this all over – Turbotax, Office and the Steam client for gamers. Just pull it down from their server and don’t forget your password.

We take it for granted in America that our bandwidth is a monthly service whereas in a lot of Europe, there is an AOL pay as you go mantality. Will it change? Hard to say, but I expect as SAAS becomes more popular, big business won’t tolerate it.

Then again, you could just always run software that is more efficient, like Linux. Fun to see on the boards how MS fan boys are always bragging about how tricked out their systems are (High RAM vid cards, quad processing, sigh) and all the *nix guys are bragging how they can run tinyOS from a 16MB thumb drive. Two separate worlds, fun to see how the Mac will play into this – I expect it’s leaning more towards bigger is better even if they did discontinue the miny iMac (would liked to have had one) as iTunes is a bit of a whore with resources.

May be looking into a wireless gig with a company called – really interesting little bit of work. Waiting to see if there is any interest. Also hoping to do some contract work with Josh Chaney and childhood friend Scott Pregerson (hurrah!) of

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