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Checked out the pump on my way home from work today. $1.84 at the Costco, can you believe that? It was almost 2.5 times that a couple months back.

This guy filled up his tank for about a buck and got a pack of smokes for a dime.

I heard analysts saying that they thought it would be back down to less than a hundred a barrel and under 2 bucks in the new year – but at what a cost? People don’t have jobs to drive to for goodness sakes.

I am trying to think of how the big three US auto makers are going to pitch the government of how they plan to make their products appealing – it seems that they are going to be playing catch up with smaller more scalable alternative fuel players. That and the willingness of foreign automakers to embrace a smaller, more efficient auto that uses hybrid technology.

My guess is GM takes it in the new year and is purchased by a foreign investor by March while Ford and Chrysler lick their wounds and continue to close plants before finally getting a plan together for a quarter of what they are asking of the government.

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