Irony, opportunity and tiny adventures

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I am in the midst of training the Tier 2 Analyst that will be taking over the webforms process at Abbott Labs when my contract expires come 2009. I seem to recall this feeling as I watched our previous supervisor have to undergo the same process about a year ago. He was quite gracious and, much to his credit, gave accurate and valuable information to our team that helped us to prepare for his absence.

Funny part is, I have no animosity. Not a bit, it’s just ironic in that I finally have someone on our team that I can talk code with – oh irony, you are a cruel player. So here we are, almost 20 month into this integration, and at last, I have someone I can bounce coding tricks off of, compare requirements with and find ways to take some of our (vast) manual processes. I think new guy will do well just as soon as he is able to take in the culture.


Happy lollipop girl

Corinne just woke up, changed out a diaper and got her into something warm and clean. She has become quite the climber and stacker. She is able to get into almost every nook and cranny of the house using the stool we keep in the bathroom for the girls. It has become a most covetted item in that it allows her a good deal of freedom, a freedom I am quick to deny as it makes mommy and daddy crazy! She gets into medicine cabniets, up to the counter where there are sharp things and so on. Here is a fun pic.

Looking at some possibilities at Kaiser and a company out in Irvince called Financial Freedom. Both seem like nice places to work, just waiting on face time with hiring managers to see if I am what they’re looking for. There may also be more opportunities at Abbott, although, after almost two years of contracting, I am not holding my breath.

My most recent fascination has been tiny adventures on Facebook, lots of fun although I do miss the real campaigns with Jesse and Zook.

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