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Surfwise is a must see movie. It chronicles the life of the Paskowitz family, a family with 9 children (8 boys and a girl) that lived out of a RV and spent most of their waking hours at the beach. The irony is the father went to Stanford and had a medical degree.

The first part of the movie shows off the happy, fun-loving surf family. Cruising from site to site, finding mischief and living free. There are pictures of the family from all over the nation, DC, Louisiana, Texas, the Dakotas and so on. As the movie progresses, the film takes a different tone and tackles the deep set feelings of resent, betrayal and frustration of the children and how they cope with being cast into the real world without any education or means of dealing with society at large.

I highly recommend checking out this movie, especially with your spouse if at all possible as it deals with some tough family issues that will make most any domestic issues you have seem trite.

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