A little bit about Bit Torrent

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Have you used this yet? The reason I ask is that I have an addiction to thick $35 trade manuals, and with a little help, may be able to kick that fascination using BT!

Generally, I seek out the older ASP related books as I still have a lot of development that I do in the older MS based language, which is a little sad – but humbling. I look it up on biblio.com, I pay an independently owned homegrown American bookseller and honest price, generally pretty cheap, and some shipping and I have my fix.

With BT, and mind you btjunkies.org is my new fav, I have got it made! I don’t have to wait for books on hold at the library, I don’t have to support amazon.com and I can save a tree in the process. I just pulled down the replicant jomla template – what an amazing resource for joomla noobs!

So, tipping hat to NC friend and former Biblio.com co-worker Phil Cogbill, I salute you BT. I have at last seen the light and look forward to sharing some bandwidth with you.

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