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I have been slowly but surely moving over services that I am bound to with yahoo to google. Not that I ever used yahoo for anything but flickr or catching spam, but it’s just one less thing on the hard drive. And WHAT could be more greedy, more time consuming and laborius than images!

Enter migratr. Migratr is not bound to Picasa and Flickr, rather it is an image migration tool for a number of different web image recepticles. I did hit some errors during the process, but I generally blame this on my rtfm-liness as I was doing the migration in XP. Something of note was that I was required to pull down the 3.5 version of the .Net framework, which I thought, up until now, was really just Vista flavored .Net 2.0. Alas, I live, I learn.

I am looking at it now and seeing that the cool little Picasa image grabber is hosing the other columns in the blog. Can’t we all just get along?!

Had the girls all day yesterday and today. Learned my lesson from yesterday that staying inside with them is EXACTLY what they want! They seek mischief and anarchy. Today, I wrote out our schedule, assigned tasks and timelines and even some behavioral expectations. It’s now 4:22 and they have been napping since a late lunch at 1:30 – they went technically around ~2 or 2:30, but it has allowed me to get caught up on putting together some updates to the blog.

It’s like I told Joelle, the nap is not for you Joey, it’s for daddy (to quote David Cohen), hehe.

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