Picasa kicks bottom

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Was feeling a little blue about hosing my categories and pown’d flickr album, when I can across this little Piacsa plugin for wordpress. Sandaruwan is only 22 years old and already hooking this sort of thing up for Picasa albums. D00d, I was playing in a rock band at 22 travelling around in vans and buses – not coding in Linux.

That is punk rock. Sandaruwan – you are mighty. Thanks for the cool plug in. I just grabbed some random images from my zen cart, so don’t think that I am some kind of movie buff. I have seen 2 movies in the past year – Dark Knight and the latest installment of Indiana Jones. The latter being a bumpy ride, but still cool.

I expect I will have to move all my images from flickr to Picasa now. OMG, one more widget that has shot down a late another late night. I spent a little time familiarizing myself with the shoddy html I put together for icihealth.net, which now has a blog! icihealth.net/blog is in effect. I am using the default kubrick template with an updated image. I expect I will try to use a rotating image if I can get Bruno to buy in on using Picasa.

So there it is, another google widget that I cannot live without.

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