Carp is funville

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Having a great time up in Carpenteria. A little challenging with the new living situation and handling little girls naps, but slowly getting into a rhythm with all the different folks up here. I have been getting a chance to play a little music with my brother and get some time with my sister, talking, walking on the beach. It’s really nice.

What a fantastic way to use up our stimulus check. Go on vacation.

I have posted all the pics as of yesterday to the images link, be sure and take a peek if you are curious.

I sent off some numbers to work yesterday after troubleshooting the router they had here at the house we were renting. I didn’t even have to reset it! All the time, we had been leaching wireless off the neighbors. There were 3, count them, 3! unsecured networks out of 5 available. The network that was setup here at the house was also unsecured, so I fixed that in a jiffy. My mom, my brother, my sister-in-law, my wife and I all brought our laptops. I actually brought 2 laptops as I was hoping to hand off one of them to my nephew Kyle, but it’s had some nasty hardware issues. I actually have my mom’s old 700mhz iMac with us! Kyle wanted to take the laptop to Best Buy to have it fixed.

To pay THEM to have it fixed?! What am I chopped liver? Sigh, I only want him to be happy, alas the 700 mhz iMac was not enough to entice him. I expect it will end up a print server running Ubuntu 7.x.

Carpenteria mayhem! Here is a pic of the crew having fun in the living room of our 3 bedroom, 2-story bungalow in Carp.  Hope you are well.

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