Giants win, save XP

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A little late going over the super bowl last weekend, but I could really care less about the Giants winning the Super bowl. While that’s not entirely true, it was nice to see NFC team get the ring and shut up all the loud mouthed Pat fans about perfection. Nobody is perfect, not Tom Brady, not Randy Moss and certainly not the Giants either – look at Plexico Buress – the guy was thrown to 7 times and only caught it twice! Turns out, the second catch was for the winning score, so all that matters is that you never stop trying – that’s my two cents anyway.

I was glad for my friend Mike at TCI and David at Abbott as they are both Giants fans. Fun to see the Fox poll about the next dynasty in football – I think they were really banking on the Giants losing so everyone could love up Belchick and Company.  They had a fantastic year and I am certain they will have a fantastic year next year. The dynasty they should have been talking about was not a team, but a family rather – the Mannings!

Credit to both defense and offense on the Giants, they really wanted it more. The last 5 minutes of that game was especially gratifying as Brady was under pressure like never before, it was poetic.

Fun article on saving XP. Unknown to me, they are not going to ship it after June of 08! Makes me wonder how big business is going to respond to this. I don’t think anyone where I work has ANY plans on migrating to XP, which is a resource whore. If anything, it will drive enterprise agents into the arms of Sun, Red Hat and IBM – all champions of Linux. Not a bad thing, but scary to think that XP has run it’s course.

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