Chargers, Panthers, sigh and the ZOO!

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Alas, both AFC and NFC faves fell yesterday. Hard to believe that the once impenetrable Chargers are barely holding on at 50%. Thankfully, the rest of the AFC West sucks – said tipping hat to Oakland Raiders (and fans alike). I like to see that the Jags and the Titans are turning it up on the Colts, which have been doing outstanding given their injuries.

So all the football aside (and I won’t even go into the Panthers (please send us a quarterback)), we went to the Zoo yesterday and had a fantastic time. The San Diego Zoo is in the midst of some big time renovations, gearing up for an area especially devoted to their impressive gang (?) of elephants. Joelle and I had a blast checking out the animals that had split viewing areas, where you could see them underwater. The otters are ALWAYS my favorite! Playful, funloving and know how to work an audience. Also, what turned out to be a disappointment the last time we were there, were the polar Bears – who were in rare form! Swimming, playing and moving about so we could get a good look at them.

We spent some time checking out the Pandas, which was fun but not nearly as engrossing as the areas with split land/water viewing areas.

That said, family is doing well – gearing up for a short work week and looking forward to some time off. Mama’s coming down to Temecula and we’ll all get together at Deanne’s folks house for some eating and of course, some football. The Colts are going to puree the Falcons, but it will be fun all the while given they’re starting third string rookies.

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