Visual Studio, Separation

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Well, Abbott has finally separated from entirely from Boston Scientific and what was once Guidant. I never thought I would see the day – but it is done. What looks to be the third biggest merger of 2007 has at last come to a close, and look! the webforms still work!

There have been some tough lessons along the way, namely, learning to program in ASP. There is so much I appreciate about working in the .Net framework now, it just took a long walk across the ASP coals to see just how much easier it is working in .Net. Here is a fun picture that I took for a colleague that works out in Clonmel Ireland. I have been working on a form for him for what seems an eternity. Cheers Owen!

A large part of what I learned up in Portland was working with Visual Studio, the IDE for everything and anything .Net. I am hoping to be setting new sites in .Net, but for right now, I am playing it safe with ASP.

I am also very close to finishing up Hoping to get the go ahead from the CEO, and then up and away it goes (although, truthfully, I have been doing all the DEV work in production).

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