Portland pt.2, Porath family

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Back at work this week after having finished up the .Net training in Portland. What a fun city! I finally made it downtown and did some shopping for the girls. They had a J.Jill so you know I was able to find something nice for Deanne. Joelle got a fairy calendar, which is a nice change up from all the princess madness. Disney has got to be raking cash on the princess line.

The views in Portland were beautiful. Landing in Portland is a bit unnerving if you are visiting for the first time as it feels like you’re going to land in the Williamette. The approach to the airport is directly above it, yielding a spectacular view of the city, the ports and watercraft. While I did not make it out to see Circled by Hounds, I did get a chance to check out their myspace page. I also consulted with my Celtic music connection at work, Mrs. Lindsay, and it turns out yes, Circled by Hounds is the real thing.

Sheesh, I knew I was going to regret not going to see them on Halloween. If ever you make it down to Temecula, you folks are welcome on our couches!

As mentioned, Jason and I did get some time together. He took me down to the Moon and the Sixpence where I did get a chance to see Johnny Mollery (sp?) play the squeezebox. They still have smoking in doors in Portland till 2009, which, for those of with Asthma, takes a little getting used to. Jason is doing well, writing and negotiating. It seems that as an author, the real creative part gets lost when you have to be shuffled through the marketing and the hype. Mugshots is going to be released this month, a book that he has been working on for some time. It’s fantastic, I recommend that you pick this up at Amazon (even though Amazon is the devil).

I am going to talk to my counterparts in Asheville, NC to see what can be done with Mugshots.

And now, I am going. Cheers.

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