Pics as promised, pigskin pix sux

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Here is a picture of Jeremy, Kieran, Corinne and myself out at Finn’s reception.

happy finn day

We had a ton of fun. As mentioned, Joelle and Kieran got up on the mic (actually, a mic stand and a windscreen) and started yelling into it. I am saving this image for Friday.

I have been trying to get my family involved in a football pool on ESPN’s Pigskin Pick’em which is proving to be quite a pain in the ass. You’d think they would have an interface that would allow you to send and receive your password based on your email, but it doesn’t. Which is booty. I expect we’ll have to recreate the league we’re on right now and discount the first 3 games.

Part 3 of Reunion madness later this week.

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