Corinne walks at last, Joey goes to school, Linux still technically 5 letter word

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Corinne is at last walking! She has actually been at it for about a week. It started with standing in a stationary place for generally 10-15 seconds. This was then attempted while holding books, toys or anything she could find around that she could lift. And now, she quite adept on 2 feet, often times leaning forward a bit too much which leads to what seems a sprint!

Joelle started pre-K today at PALS, an acronym for geez, I can’t remember. At some point we will run out of acronyms. It was very exciting, I expect that Joelle is really off to a good start in that she likes to read and gets along pretty well with other kids.

Great article detailing how the Xbox360 won’t allow user to have the word Linux in their player’s name. As though it’s a four letter word, which it is most definitely not. In so long as Linux user’s keep finding these sorts of things, I will keep posting them. One day, and it won’t be long, there will be a meeting of the operating systems and it won’t matter what flag you’re waving, just so long as it’s free.

Hmm, free is a four letter word. We’ll have to see how Redmond deals with that…

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