Lorimar, City Council and now private events

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These last two months have been very eventful! April saw two gigs with Emotional Frequency at Viva Vino and my debut at the Merc. Both gigs went very well and thanks to Gina, our event was quite well attended at the Merc. I had my first gig at Lorimar Winery out in Wine Country FINALLY! I get to cross that off my bucket list as I have been wanting to do that for years.

The month of May has been equally busy. On the second, I had a solo performance out at the Lorimar loft in old town which lead to an offer for a private party (today) on Saturday, May 17. I am also performing my annual performance at the Lemon Grove Relay for Life with Mark Miller and Eric Vonk. I expect to be playing mostly Stick. At the end of the month, Gina and I will perform again at Viva Vino in Old Town.

Next month will be an acoustic show, mostly acoustic anyway, with Gina which will feature her on Gyil, percussion and vocals and me on Chapman Stick and vocals. Regretfully, I am choosing not to work Paul Zimmer on this next phase as timing for rehearsals is quite challenging. I am hopeful we can find another opportunity to play in the future, perhaps at the FHA later this summer.

Also confirmed a show with the Ooks of Hazard on January 16 of 2015! Looking forward to performing with Pat and company for that one. That will be at the Temecula Playhouse – a full on 300 seat auditorium which will be largest audience yet as a solo Stickist.  I expect to be reeling it in after the June show to focus more time of the FHA as there will be no shortage of things to do and prepare for.

So lots of good news on the performance front. The FHA has received some good news too – we are expecting that Dale Ladouceur will be able to join us if she is able to apply and receive a grant for her travel to the US. Her presence will add a lot of dimension to what we are doing. I expect to announce this after Stick seminar up in Canada going on this weekend (although I suppose I just did).  We are up to 24 full time attendees and one day attendee, very exciting.

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  1. Hi Gene i will like to know went is your next show in temecula? so i can go to see you!!!.

    also i want you talk to you about the FHA.

    best regards


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