Today was a good day

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Got to hang out with Santur friend Navid and family today over at the Wachs house. It was a lovely brunch over at Marty and Helen’s house, ironically neither of us had our instruments with us – so it was just hanging out getting caught up with family.

Also had a chance to get caught up with Jeremy Ruzumna today. He is on a break from touring with Fitz and looks genuinely relaxed – a nice change for him as he has been on the road for the past year or two. ┬áHe got one of the new Maschines, looks sooo cool but kinda warned him against the Mikro as they are hard to program, at least they were for me as one has to resort to a lot of multi key hotkeys which made the learning curve just too steep for me. He’s pretty good with the technical aspect of these things, so I expect if any one can do it, he can.

Hoping to connect with Kevin over at Lorimar Winery this week for booking, we’ll have to see.

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