Session with Chris Joyner

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Had a fantastic time with Chris Joyner this last weekend. He made it down to the house on Friday night and we had a grand time recording some originals I had been writing on the Stick. I found that the … Continued

Girl from Ipanema week 46

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Geez, almost a year of vids. I am writing this about 2 months after the fact. My sadly neglected blog is a little less sad now. This piece has a nice little guest appearance from my 8 year old daughter. … Continued

Norwegian Wood Week 45

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Okay, this tune has been played by many Stickists, many much more able than I in terms of technique, performance and delivery. I am unashamed, I just love this tune and of course, this band.

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Week 43 – Isn’t she lovely

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Expanding on tunes for the wedding set and what better tune than isn’t she lovely. This is my second Stevie Wonder song, there are so many more that I want to learn, including overjoyed and wish.

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