C# is here

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I am finally getting around to digging deeper into the SharePoint related object models. So much of my work in SharePoint has revolved around configuration and administration, I have been missing out on coding web parts and unlocking the potential … Continued

Topanga Earth Day

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Custom played it’s first show of 2010 – it was great fun! The set was a nice mix of latin and funk: Son con cuero Hot pants road Southwick Pockyway Spanish Grease Jazzy This last show marked my singing and … Continued

Display maximum size of list template

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In looking closer at a list we were trying to back up yesterday, it became apparent that the list was too big to back up as a template. Even after increasing the size of max-template document size, the list was … Continued

Not another resume

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Yes, it’s that time again. Time to play DUST OFF THE RESUME. I tend to do this 6 months prior to my contract expiring to give me a sort of reboot in terms of what I do for money (It … Continued

Pinkeye, Surprise, Custom

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I had almost forgotten what a drag pink eye was until our 3 year picked it up this last weekend. Hard to say where we came across it, but there’s no doubt she’s got it. Thank goodness she is a … Continued

Editform.aspx or Custom List Form

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If you have to ask, then you are more a SharePoint newb than me. Custom List form every time, and here are the reasons why. Suppose that you are creating an instance of the editform.aspx that has a field that … Continued