Feeling better

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I have been very sick the past three days and am finally starting to gain my strength. I am back on my feet and it seems that it’s just in time as Corinne, Joelle and Deanne are all in varying … Continued

Holiday shutdown, Chanukah

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My company is gearing up for holiday shutdown after next week, which means empty offices, little to no availability for IT services and for me, well, I am actually going to get some work done! I will be able to … Continued

Chanukah is Chere!

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Had a lot of fun with Deanne’s folks, her brother Scott and his fiancee Chantal on night 2 of Chanukah here at the house. Deanne and I spent some time getting the house in order and preparing for the evening … Continued

Uncle Len

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We got news yesterday that Deanne’s mom’s twin brother, Leonard, had passed away. While we are deeply grieved at his passing, we are content with the fact that he is at last at rest. Leonard, or Lenny, which is how … Continued