I can’t sleep…

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My sleep patterns have been thrown off this past week and I can’t seem to get back into a rhythm. Generally, I have late nights on Wednesday in preparing for a Change Management meeting on Thursday morning. I tried countering … Continued

Joelle is $!

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Joelle was one of 5 Kindergartners that is being invited to have a picnic with the school principal! It was part of a writing program, and 5 kids from each class in the school were selected – our little writer … Continued

New wireless antenna, seamonkey

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My clunker HP desktop has been transformed into a internet lugue sled with the simple addition of a half decent wireless antenna. Life is so good. Another welcome addition has been seamonkey! If you loved Navigator and you adore firefox, … Continued

DEVO brings big funzorz.

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Went up to LA after work yesterday to check out DEVO play their Freedom of Choice album cover to cover. Man it was good, and that album is probably my fav DEVO album – the first one I owned really … Continued