walk for life, chrome for Linux

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I performed yesterday with Mark Miller down in Lemon Grove for our 4th annual Walk For Life. We played some Beatles, some Van Morrison, broke out a couple of originals and I sprang Angel of Montgomery on him, which went … Continued

White Tiger, Latin Temecula?!

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Just finished up with Aravind Adiga’s White Tiger yesterday, an excellent read for those of you looking for a quick fiction fix. Adiga’s portrayl of a young Indian entrepeneur looking to climb his way out of the darkeness if entertaining … Continued

Cool apps, Wink and Flash Gallery

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I have been getting some use out of a really cool app called wink. It essentially captures events on your desktop and then generates a shockwave file and embeds it into a browser page – freekin’ cool if you are … Continued

Who’s going to beat the Lakers

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Not the Nuggets, at least for now.  I just had to capture this image of the Denver coach at the end of the game, who is still scratching his head in disbelief over the loss. Best part is, we get … Continued

Big Italian Love

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I have been up to my ears in SharePoint these days, so there is my excuse. It’s been a fantastic learning experience, one after the other, and finally I am starting to find my way. I am finding that I … Continued