Trying to tweet

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Had loads of fun speaking with Eric yesterday at coffee, he is as nutty as I am about gadgets. I may have met my match, you see he tweets. And I don’t. I am finding that it is going to … Continued

pidgin pulls it off

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Checking updated instance of Gaim, now loving ly called pidgin. Having loads of fun getting to chat with my google talk, msn and yahoo accounts – the latter of the two which I rarely use. Work is going well, I … Continued

Categories fixed

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It is late, but I have some good news (or maybe just for me anyway). I have at last fixed the categories that were hosed when I migrated to WordPress 2.6. So happy. I still have to blog about the … Continued

Buffet of the Gods, chill’d in Waikoloa

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Having had a bit of a disappointing meal at the end of the day on Monday, we decided to live it up a little at the breakfast buffet here at the Hilton. We pulled ourselves together and grabbed a boat … Continued

The Big Island, Waikoloa

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<!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –> After a crazy morning getting ready for our 7:15 flight out of Honolulu, we managed to make it on to our inter-island flight to Kona, Hawaii. The flight … Continued

Kailua Town

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Today we took it easy in Kailua town, having Malasadas from Agnes Bakery and checking out the local Macy’s for a quick purchase (read subtext, we forgot to pack underwear for Joelle!). After that quick purchase, we came home for … Continued