A little bit about Bit Torrent

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Have you used this yet? The reason I ask is that I have an addiction to thick $35 trade manuals, and with a little help, may be able to kick that fascination using BT! Generally, I seek out the older … Continued

Miniman is big 30

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Ok,if you are anything like me, you had toys when you were a kid. As you got older, you changed out your toys with more sophisticated ones, maybe handed off your old toys to your little brother or sister. I … Continued

Three step Relationship Primer

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In speaking with a colleague at work over lunch today, I had a realization about how I sized up persons that I was considering cohabitation with. It was not a light topic, although it was approached in good humor. It … Continued

Picasa kicks bottom

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Was feeling a little blue about hosing my categories and pown’d flickr album, when I can across this little Piacsa plugin for wordpress. Sandaruwan is only 22 years old and already hooking this sort of thing up for Picasa albums. … Continued

Ok, I broke it and I am fixing it

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Finally figured out what the heck had broken the blog, issues with the style sheet. So the upshot of it is, permalinks like images and resume are broken, but everything else is workin! It was interesting to see how I … Continued

new look and feel fails, grapes!

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Tried hooking up a new template in WordPress which wasy fine for about a day, but I am realizing that I have so many plugins, that I am overdue for a version update of wordpress. I was really hoping to … Continued