Damn good lasagna

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Here is my recipe for damn good lasagna: American beauty lasagna noodles – the ones that don’t need to be boiled 2) 26 oz. jars of Prego Mushroom Spaghetti sauce – you will use only 32 oz. 1.25 lbs. of … Continued

Sun buys MySQL?

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Am I reading this correctly or has Sun just purchased the crown jewel of the Linux Database treasure trove?!What are the ramifications and how will this affect LAMP development as we know it? Shocking! Perhaps the best part is, the … Continued

Pep rally for Chargers…

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It’s no mystery that I like the Chargers, have for some time. It’s also probably no mystery that I listen to Scott and BR in the morning on 1090, one enjoys a little sports commentary in the morning. The big … Continued

Projects in the new year, SOIL pic

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So at last, I hit the one year mark at Abbott and my faux hi-tech life at the big since the merger – life is not bad. The girls are happy for the most part here in Temecula, I don’t … Continued