Integrated Clinics International

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I am nearing completion of the Integrated Clinics International website. While the basic template of the site is simple, I have learned a great deal about style sheet tricks and tips. Perhaps the greatest “area of grief” was the navigation. … Continued

Pics as promised, pigskin pix sux

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Here is a picture of Jeremy, Kieran, Corinne and myself out at Finn’s reception. We had a ton of fun. As mentioned, Joelle and Kieran got up on the mic (actually, a mic stand and a windscreen) and started yelling … Continued

20 year reunion blows my mind

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The 20 year reunion is going to be the topic of my next week of blogging, so bear with me. There was just way too much fun to be had and too little time in which to do it. I … Continued