Jury Duty, get well soon

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At last I am feeling some relief from this last ear infection. For maybe three days, we were all feeling fine, and then Corinne got a cold – again. She has been struggling in breathing through her nose, which makes … Continued

Perry Daughter Analysis Pt. 2

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Here is a picture of Corinne and Vivi, both readers. It looks like Vivi has got the first part in The Chronicles of Narnia and Corinne has a tech manual on setting up our WIFI router. Figures, Doug being an … Continued

Wild Animal Park

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I am at last returning to the blog after a 10-day hiatus! Things have been busy at the Perry household. To start, we went to the Wild Animal Park last weekend and a fantastic time. Only paid for parking – … Continued

Joelle’s 3rd Birthday

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Joelle had her birthday this last Saturday and what a day it was! Gorgeous weather, good friends and plenty of food, except for the cheese pizza that was just a little too crispy. Good showing from the Del Sol neighborhood, … Continued