Cute Corinne picture

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Okay, so Corinne is really cute. Here is a wonderful picture Deanne sent along just yesterday of her – look at her hair coming in! Getting ready to wrap things up in St. Paul in 2 days. I can hardly … Continued

Picks, pics and it is 1

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Deanne sent me a fantastic picture of Joelle and Corinne that I had to post. Cute indeed. Looking forward to going over to Jeremy and Molly’s house today to watch the Indy-Baltimore game. Looks like Davie will be in tow, … Continued

St. Paul

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Hi ho, made it safely out to St. Paul. Yup, it’s cold and everyone says Yup. the flight went well, a little delayed, nothing new there. Sat next to a really nice guy and talked about Baja and all the … Continued

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