Happy Thanksgiving

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Deanne and I hosted our first Thanksgiving outing this season, complete with all the fixings. Cooking a turkey, which until last Thursday, was complete mystery to me. I followed the directions on the package – how about that! Instead of … Continued

Asian pears, Fireox 2 on Ubuntu

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We harvested some delicious Asian Pears earlier this week, pictured here in a faux-Martha Stewart style. Being new to the more firm Asian pear, I was inclined to do a little research. Pear trees are not native to the US, … Continued

Uncle Doug is daddy Doug now!

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Here is a picture of my brother doug with his new daughter Genevieve. She was born on the first of November, being about 6 pounds and 6 ounces, a real beauty. Congratulations brother Doug and Miriam

Voting guides, hi Bill

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Here it is, one day left to read up on the issues and I am feeling like a jackass as I don’t have all my facts straight on the issues. Truthfully, I don’t regret it as I am trying hard … Continued

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