New blog, new man

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I am in the process of trying out WordPress and I confess, I am starting to see the light. Ran into some importing issues with Blogger, but was able to work through them based on the many resources available and … Continued

Testing WordPress on

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Giving WordPress a whirl here. I liked using their software for, which is currently password protected (like you want to read up on tax software), and am trying to get this up and running on my server. We’ll see…

Mac cat

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Elie is a Mac cat. She sits in front of our newly replaced iMac. Truthfully, it really only needs a new hard dive, but had been acting a little skittish in the past few months. It did justify me buying … Continued

Breakfast with the girls

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I was up early (again) this morning. I heard Corinne was stirring in the other room, so I took her off of Deanne’s hands for a while. Just as soon as I was able to get Corinne to go back … Continued

Flashplayer 9 for Linux

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SIgh… Why do I love you Linux? Is it because I will never entirely understand you? Is it too much to want to see the flash movies on I was able to get Flashplayer 9 plugin installed and running … Continued

New MacBook, Cyberduck, envy

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Envy. It is a sin, I know, but I cannot help but envy the new MacBook that I purchased for Deanne 2 weeks ago. It is so kickass! We had purchased her an iMac 6 years ago, but it really … Continued

Sea World is the best

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This is a picture from our trip to Sea World last month. Deanne was about 8 months along at this time, so moving about was a bit tough, but worth it. We saw three shows, including Shamu. We stayed down … Continued

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