How do I love thee Wordpress, let me blog the ways.

Categories fixed

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It is late, but I have some good news (or maybe just for me anyway). I have at last fixed the categories that were hosed when I migrated to WordPress 2.6. So happy. I still have to blog about the … Continued

All about the plugins

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I am just warming up to plugins with WordPress and life is good. Check out the photo link on the main page, it links directly to the photos that are currently stored on, a nice little web community that’s … Continued

New blog, new man

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I am in the process of trying out WordPress and I confess, I am starting to see the light. Ran into some importing issues with Blogger, but was able to work through them based on the many resources available and … Continued

Testing WordPress on

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Giving WordPress a whirl here. I liked using their software for, which is currently password protected (like you want to read up on tax software), and am trying to get this up and running on my server. We’ll see…