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iMac blues

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So here I am again with the iMac blues. I’ve got a flat panel 700mhz iMac that can’t use wireless G. AYE! I want to love Mac, but I keep running into these issues, who is to blame? I am … Continued

Mac cat

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Elie is a Mac cat. She sits in front of our newly replaced iMac. Truthfully, it really only needs a new hard dive, but had been acting a little skittish in the past few months. It did justify me buying … Continued

New MacBook, Cyberduck, envy

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Envy. It is a sin, I know, but I cannot help but envy the new MacBook that I purchased for Deanne 2 weeks ago. It is so kickass! We had purchased her an iMac 6 years ago, but it really … Continued