Stick Night Anaheim 2014

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The Free Hands Academy is gearing up for our first Stick Night of 2014 – and what a night it will be! Joining us will be none other than Emmett Chapman, So Cal Stick artist Tom Greisgraber, Rob Martino and … Continued

Reminiscing on 2013

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I will remember 2013. Mostly for good reasons I suppose. A couple of highlights would have to include being father to Joelle and Corinne and seeing their continued success in school – Corinne is quite athletic and has recently showed … Continued

Yoga at the FHA

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Here is a fun pic from last year’s event with Diana, Emmett’s daughter leading a class in yoga. Diana’s unique blend of meditation and yoga were a great segue for us having been in class all day with Emmett and … Continued

workstation 2013

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What a great post I saw on the Stickist today. It outlines everyone’s recording setup. Some very impressive setups, especially from Brett Bottomley – who knew! Here is a pic of my current work / play workstation. It’s a standing … Continued

Session with Chris Joyner

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Had a fantastic time with Chris Joyner this last weekend. He made it down to the house on Friday night and we had a grand time recording some originals I had been writing on the Stick. I found that the … Continued

Girl from Ipanema week 46

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Geez, almost a year of vids. I am writing this about 2 months after the fact. My sadly neglected blog is a little less sad now. This piece has a nice little guest appearance from my 8 year old daughter. … Continued

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