I hope I have never have to choose between eating and sex.

Korean Snack Round up Part 2

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So here it, I am approaching the 3pm blues yesterday when I remember that I have 3 bags (just waiting) of delectable Korean snacks, coutesy of Kevin Huang, in my cubbie drawer. I call this one the rice cake miracle! … Continued

Korean snack round up

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I have been very fortunate in these past few weeks to be working with a student from Berkley, doing an internship here at Abbott Vascular, named Kevin Huang. In the short period of time that I have known Kevin, we … Continued

Damn good lasagna

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Here is my recipe for damn good lasagna: American beauty lasagna noodles – the ones that don’t need to be boiled 2) 26 oz. jars of Prego Mushroom Spaghetti sauce – you will use only 32 oz. 1.25 lbs. of … Continued

Happy Thanksgiving

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Deanne and I hosted our first Thanksgiving outing this season, complete with all the fixings. Cooking a turkey, which until last Thursday, was complete mystery to me. I followed the directions on the package – how about that! Instead of … Continued

Asian pears, Fireox 2 on Ubuntu

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We harvested some delicious Asian Pears earlier this week, pictured here in a faux-Martha Stewart style. Being new to the more firm Asian pear, I was inclined to do a little research. Pear trees are not native to the US, … Continued

Voter guides, weirdos and apple pie

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Sounds like the great American truth doesn’t it? And it’s true, Check out technology voter guides article on ranking congressman’s high tech cred. How sweet is that! Interesting to see that candidates that I thought would rank, actually ranked poorly. … Continued

New blog, new man

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I am in the process of trying out WordPress and I confess, I am starting to see the light. Ran into some importing issues with Blogger, but was able to work through them based on the many resources available and … Continued

Testing WordPress on geneperry.net

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Giving WordPress a whirl here. I liked using their software for ptmsguru.wordpress.com, which is currently password protected (like you want to read up on tax software), and am trying to get this up and running on my server. We’ll see…

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