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Categories fixed

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It is late, but I have some good news (or maybe just for me anyway). I have at last fixed the categories that were hosed when I migrated to WordPress 2.6. So happy. I still have to blog about the … Continued

Visual Studio, Separation

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Well, Abbott has finally separated from entirely from Boston Scientific and what was once Guidant. I never thought I would see the day – but it is done. What looks to be the third biggest merger of 2007 has at … Continued

More fire..

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And smoke. The air is so unbelievably smoky that one really wants to just stay inside. AC helps a little, but the moment you step outside you can feel it. Thankfully, the minor fires, in comparison to the Harris and … Continued

Integrated Clinics International

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I am nearing completion of the Integrated Clinics International website. While the basic template of the site is simple, I have learned a great deal about style sheet tricks and tips. Perhaps the greatest “area of grief” was the navigation. … Continued

Hiatus from blogville

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But I am back, and with a pretty cool picture of my mother with all 5 of her grandchildren. GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS! Such a lovely bunch, I expect that we will be seeing this on her Holiday cards this year. … Continued

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