After taking things apart gets boring, we all come back to it.

Flash for Android, new tools for Q3

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Hard to believe, but it’s here or so they say. I have checked the Chicago tribune, Slashdot, PC mag and engadget and from it looks like (boyeeee), there is beta for flash on the Android. Finally. Lord knows it took … Continued

New wireless antenna, seamonkey

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My clunker HP desktop has been transformed into a internet lugue sled with the simple addition of a half decent wireless antenna. Life is so good. Another welcome addition has been seamonkey! If you loved Navigator and you adore firefox, … Continued

I want my open office

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Enjoying some perspective on the recent commando acquisition of Sun Systems by Oracle from writer Chris Dawson. It answers the question, which popped into my head as soon as I heard the news, regarding the fate of Open Office. When … Continued

Trying to tweet

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Had loads of fun speaking with Eric yesterday at coffee, he is as nutty as I am about gadgets. I may have met my match, you see he tweets. And I don’t. I am finding that it is going to … Continued

new look and feel fails, grapes!

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Tried hooking up a new template in WordPress which wasy fine for about a day, but I am realizing that I have so many plugins, that I am overdue for a version update of wordpress. I was really hoping to … Continued

New Firefox, runaway projects

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Firefox 3 is released! Happy day, looking forward to getting in on some of the new features. If you haven’t already tricked out your version of the Firefox, it is pretty easy to do. Try this, type about:config into your … Continued

iMac blues

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So here I am again with the iMac blues. I’ve got a flat panel 700mhz iMac that can’t use wireless G. AYE! I want to love Mac, but I keep running into these issues, who is to blame? I am … Continued

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